1983 - Game Over



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1983 - GAME OVER


By now sufficiently overwhelmed with sports mythologies replicated in a tight turn of video in copy from a neospectacular carousel, we followed with a certain skepticism mixed with suspicion the first evolutions on the bike of Luigi Lodoll red dressed and equipped with a protective helmet for a motorcyclist. On the back wall began to flow alternating with images of sandy surfaces and desert dunes, mechanical gears, tracks of Grand Prix tires, braces of sporting Sundays passed in slow motion, duels and moments of suspense.
But little by little Game over, this is the title of Lodoli's solo performance signed for the direction, the choice of music and visual materials Fernando Toma) and he managed to nullify the resistances, to give us an impression of remarkable originality.
In the fluid perpetual motion of the protagonist who passed from the bike to agile skates, not only various sports disciplines combined and contaminated each other but also, with poetic surreal irony, many figures and incarnations of fantasy. That character inserted in the artificial landscape of the slides always in the fight against an invisible opponent pedaled for other circuits: as Duchamp discovered machines and artetypes of the imaginary in ready made and in bicycle wheels; he was the Wonder Man of a circus populated by living phenomena, the Olympus of the postcard postcard deities dear to Alfred Jarry; with his slowdowns in surplace and his sudden shots he wanted to burn every record, every human limit and enter the Golden Book of the legends of comic book super-heroes.
And punctually the Ascension rewarded him in the beautiful ending when he disappeared upwards climbing on the sixth degree of a panorama of skyscrapers ...